Spawn from an immortal booty call paid to Love Goddess Aphrodite by her favorite piece of ass, Angry Frank credits his acute observational powers and infallible sex-speak to his inheritance of the mythological peniscontemplati gene – enabling cogent, prudent sex appraisals emanating from his ample love quiver.  In other words, like any man, he thinks with his dick, which in all actuality qualifies him for a Supreme Court nomination, but hey, he couldn’t take all those picayune confirmation questions, so he decided to tell people how to fuck instead

I recently called a fuck-buddy of mine on his middle-of-the-night departures. He said he didn’t like to do his “morning business” in my house. Have you heard of this before?

My man feels the need to cuddle after sex; I don’t. Is that his problem or mine?

I don’t get much internal sensation from intercourse….

My boyfriend says his last girlfriend had her tongue pierced and the stud made blowjobs unbelievable….

My Boyfriend spends way too much time watching TV and playing videogames and not near enough time getting me off. What can I do?

Why do men always yank on my tits like they’re cow teats?

My boyfriend practically insists that I keep my muff hairless…

I don’t know how to tell my man that his flabby belly’s starting to get in the way of our sex life.

Every time I get a good fucking, I get the queefs really bad. How can I get fucked without all this noise?

I caught my man masturbating into my panties the other day.

I really love anal sex, I mean love it.